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Perceptron Network Designer
The neural Network designer allow to create simple neuronal Networks using perceptrons as technical representation of neural-cells.

Perceptrons are the electronic representation of neural-cells. With this application it is possible to design simple neural networks and show examples of machine learning.
The application consists of the drawing board, the training plugin and the statistic-plugin to show the learning effect of the Network.

A simple neural network generator is also integrated, to save time in the creation of standard networks containing just double layered perceptrons.

The user can choose between
  • 3 different network internal neurons each with or without a BIAS-Neuron. Also
  • 1 Receptor and one actor is present and ready to use.
  • 2 Special Neuron types are also included: the buffer-neuron, which is used to create a delay and the trigger-neuron, which creates an Impulse sending this over the line.

Recpetors are just buttons which light up, when stimulated (pressed). The actors are simulated by lamps, which light also up, when stimulated over the Input channel.

Furthermore, the user can create a script to Train the perceptrons.
For example if a Network as shown below is created and shall be trained now, the user has to set values for two receptors (which must be stimulated) and an expected result must be defined for the one actor used in this network. So here the values 1,0,0 must be entered in the inputfield in the Training console at the bottom of the Screen, when the first recpetor ist set to 1, the second is set to 0 and the expected value is also 0.
To define a complete NOT-Training-Script the four lines to be entered are These:
just enter this lines, press add line after each sequence, load the Network and press the start-button in the training console at the bottom of the Screen.

Remark: When the application is started the first time, the windows firewall might come up with a Connection request. This is because of the already implemented, but currently not used TCP/IP-Interface which will allow in future to connect several Perceptron Networks working on different machines world wide to one big Network.

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